August 21

- Put a simple quest onto Priestess Lida a couple days ago. Nothing much, it's more about putting the dialog system through its paces than anything else.

August 17

- Several bugs fixed
- Right click equips an item in an empty slot or just replaces an equipped item with the one you right clicked. Saves a lot of frustration :)
- Tooltip window now follows mouse and appears/disappears more adequately. 

August 9

- Added new fletching recipes for making bows
- Revamped the ingot making process with new recipes
- Fixed the arrow shaft recipe to scribe the right recipe to your book
- Increased the yield of arrow shaft and arrow head recipes to 5 of each
- Fixed numerous bugs in crafting that was making skill checks not work the way they should
- Increased the rate at which you gain proficiency in an individual recipe by x10
- Made it so once you max out proficiency in an individual recipe you will no longer gain any skill from that recipe 
- Added several carpentry recipe that make furniture with no practical use but will let you skill up 

August 5

- Made fletching available as a starting skill pick
- Added recipes for making arrows and arrow components to fletching and blacksmithing
- Added a recipe for making timber into lumber.
- Removed eggs from skinning on geese and chickens
- Added feathers to skinning products from birds
- Selling items is now possible by dropping an object into the merchant window
- Fixed resetting loot icons. 

August 4

- Entity mesh updates are done only if visible ( should increase framerate by about 2X)
- Added a SpeedTree optimization that removes a few allocations per frame ( should increase framerate by about 10-15%) 
- fixed perks description bug
- perks are colored according to their status
- animation manager gets reset after mobile respawn
- server side item sell implemented (client requires to send server sell packets)
- respawn variable wasn't sent correctly to Mobile::Create (issues with respawn time 0 and mobiles don't reappear)
- client is limited to creating maximum 5 account. If a client accidentally created more than 5 (old case) he will still be able to login but will have to erase clients in order to see the rest.
- made sure some variables aren't double saved.
- some cells are marked as non-pvp (reuse of type column in cells) 

August 3

- Added a proper value to Maces
- Added an anvil and a forge to the town.
- Fixed loot tables, mobs will now drop coin, equipment, etc if they are supposed to 

August 2

- Added the ability to collect water from wells
- Fixed a problem preventing fixed mobs (such as bandits) from respawning
- Fixed a bug in combat pathing that was causing mobs to path in a very odd way
- Lowered wandering mob density to improve FPS while we work on the culler
- Added a campfire for cooking to the city
- Fixed a bug that was preventing some starting equipment (like spells) from appearing.