A guideline is similar to a set of rules and standards. The main difference is that a guideline does not need to be followed to the letter and does not have any serious consequences in such cases. Here on Dawntide Wiki, all content that has a guideline as reference should be edited until it meets those definitions, but exceptions can be made with valid reasons.

General GuidelinesEdit

Article Naming Edit

  • Articles about content with proper names such as locations, items, quest titles and characters should be named as they appear in-game. This includes proper capitalization.
  • All other articles names should not be capitalized. This rule goes for things such as common topics and game terms.
Example: Fire resistance and fire resistance link to the same page but Fire Resistance is another page.
  • Articles whose names use special characters should have a redirect page from the same name without special characters.

Images Edit

  • All Icons must be in the .png format.
  • All other images should be in the .jpg format. Exceptions can be made for images smaller than 100px.
  • No images in the .gif (animated) format. The only exception is the ping icon for the coordinate tooltip.
  • All other images should be named according to what the image shows.

Content Edit

  • Links to articles in namespaces should be displayed without the namespace. For example, a link to Item:Hill-defender should be Hill-defender.
  • Only the first occurrence of a word in an article or section (separated by headlines) of an article should be a link. A second link is acceptable in some situations as well, but more than that is generally not recommended.
  • When writing content for articles, try to stick to the third person plural by using words like "they". In some situations, such as detailed instructions, using the singular "you" is also acceptable. Never use "I", since the information on the pages should not be your opinion but rather that of many.
Example in third person plural: "Crafters should craft items. They should go out and harvest."
Example, this time singular: "Click on the Backpack icon to open the inventory. Here you will find your possessions."

Content Removal Edit

  • If you would like to have a page deleted use the {{Delete Page}} tag. Remember to provide a reason for deletion.

Specific Content Guidelines Edit

List of all current Dawntide Wiki Guidelines.