Sorcery is composed of five schools of magic: Preservation, Alteration, Illusion, Elementalism, and Necromancy. Each school will allow players to cast a variety of spells. There are five circles (groupings) of spells. Each higher circle has more powerful spells to cast, with circle five spells being the most powerful.

To gain experience, players must cast spells repeatedly. If no experience gain occurs, players must purchase spells from higher circles to progress. The point at which the next higher circle is required is every 20 levels. For example, circle one can be used to level from 0-20, but to get from 20-40 circle two spells need to be used.

Spell Merchant Locations


Circle 1-5 vendor locations


The spell school that concerns itself with restorative and warding magic. Preservation spells will typically be some form of magical defense or healing.


The spell school that concerns itself with changing and empowering living and dead materials both. Alteration spells will typically boost a creature's attributes or an item's.


This spell school concerns itself with the primal, destructive magic of the elements. Elementalism spells will typically cause direct harm using the forces of the four elements.


The spell school that concerns itself with manipulation and trickery. Illusion spells will typically attempt to fool or coerce a creature into doing something it would not otherwise do.


The spell school that concerns itself with unholy summons and curses. Necromancy will typically conjure undead creatures to fight for the caster or curse the caster's enemies.